Whilst browsing in an ephemera shop in Brighton called Rin Tin Tin I saw some framed razor blade packets that I thought looked attractive. They also had some single ones for sale so I bought a few with the intention of framing them myself- which I did, as can be seen on the right.

I liked the BIG BEN and ISLE DE FRANCE brands illustrated in Robert Opie's book Packaging and on a further visit to Brighton managed to buy them both.  

I added to my collection by buying a mixed lot of 100 packets from the USA via ebay. These are displayed on the white album pages. The Wardonia box is a shop display full of dummy packets and the tins contain both razor and blades. The 7o'clock  one  is  full-sized  but  the  Laurel is a miniature  one for a ladies 'boudoir'.