I have visited approximately 150 theatres in this country and abroad including 48 in London. There is a complete list on the next page. Of these, the most amazing one internally has to be the Radio City Music Hall in New York. The sheer size of it is breathtaking and the quality of the art deco interior is unsurpassed. Externally, Sydney Opera House is the most impressive but I love the red brick and terracotta Palace Theatre, London, on its island site, especially at night. Chichester's Festival Theatre has a great location, opening onto a park at one side, with a large level car park on the other. I prefer art deco interiors and find the refurbished Adelphi and Prince Edward among the best. I trust the name change from Whitehall to Trafalgar hasn't altered the superb decor in that theatre*. My favourite spot in any theatre is on the front row of the Royal Exchange in Manchester - a truly revolutionary design - which I have visited 26 times. However, the theatre I have been to most frequently (81 visits) is the Grand at Blackpool. Known locally as 'Matcham's Masterpiece', the auditorium has a great warmth and intimacy even if its foyer and corridors are cramped. As much as I still love it, I do think it has lost some of its atmosphere as a result of its new 'old' colour scheme.

Clockwise from the left: Prince Edward Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Palace Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre and Adelphi Theatre.

I have taken all the photographs.

Blackpool Grand Theatre - before its redecoration.

The foyer of the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

* Having visited the Trafalgar 2 in 2011 it was sad to see that all the art deco murals have in fact been covered over. The theatrical space is excellent but loss of the decor is disappointing.