When I was young we never had OXO at our house. After I got married my wife's grandmother asked us if we could make use of a couple of her old OXO tins. We took them and used them to keep sewing items in. OXO is such a neat and aesthetically appealing name - both symmetrical and palandromic - and the tin's deep red colour was so distinctive.

One day, on a charity market stall, I saw a much older tin. The lettering was different and the background depicted a stack of cubes. I bought it, and from then on, looked out for other styles, sizes and special commemorative tins issued for coronations and anniversaries. I also acquired related items such as mugs, advertising material and sets of jars for liquid OXO.

On the left is the display of OXO items on the shelves in my utility room. One of the OXO jars - that double in size from 1/2 oz up to 16 oz - is shown on the right. Below are a few of my early OXO advertisements.